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Abolition Day 2024

ASNEAA hosted its first independent CLP event on Abolition Day at Fort Greene Park. In the spirit of July 4th and the abolition of slavery in NY- this event was special and embodied the essence of how ASNEAA CLP programming was designed to be implemented: pop-up and show out!

CLP participants were invited to share their BIPOC heritage and complete the BIPOC heritage hunt locating places of interest in the park centering BIPOC narratives. Of course, there were trivia prizes for the social justice advocates (book prizes c/o Brooklyn Book Bodega)!

CLP participants celebrated Abolition Day with the following arts as advocacy creative expressions projects (courtesy of Blick Art Supplies):

  • Advocacy Paint Canvas’
  • Legacy Bracelets
  • Social Justice Chalking

Thank you to the Abolition Day 2024 sponsors and participants: