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CLP @ Fort Greene Park (FGP)

Students’ learning about the African American Heroes of the American Revolution

CLP @ Fort Greene Park (FGP) was the first ASNEAA event tailored for local NYC Summer Rising elementary school students and teachers. CLP @ FGP participants engaged in over 200 years of multicultural heritage on site starting at the Prison Ship Martyrs monument through to present day social justice advocacy at the Pan African and Black Lives Matter benches.

Students learning about local BIPOC educators during the Reconstruction Era like Charles Dorsey and Maritcha Lyons

Along the CLP @ FGP multicultural heritage exploration route, participants made arts as advocacy creative expression projects: CLP paint canvas’, advocacy chalking, and legacy bracelets. Participants also had the opportunity to win trivia prizes for showcasing their social justice rockstar knowledge!

Special thanks to Fractured Atlas for being a fiscal sponsor and Target- Brooklyn locations team members for arts as advocacy creative expression projects sponsorship and event volunteering (s/o to Malaika for believing).