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CLP x Brownsville Heritage House (BHH)

Entrance to Brownsville Heritage House (BHH)

CLP x BHH was the first partnership event in collaboration with Brownsville Heritage House. The back to school energy of September was timely for attendees excited to learn more about local BIPOC heritage and social justice activism in honor of BHH founder, Mother Rosetta Gaston.

Mother Rosetta Gaston, far right

CLP x BHH participants had the opportunity to explore the local multicultural heritage centering BIPOC narratives on a community tour with trivia questions and prizes for the social justice rockstars. The walking tour included over 400 years of history starting in the 1600s with Dutch colonialism and coming full circle to present day social justice movements- like Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate.

CLP x BHH participants learning about the intersection of sports and social justice post Civil Rights Era

Throughout the event, CLP x BHH participants also engaged in arts as advocacy creative expression projects: CLP paint canvas’, legacy bracelets, and advocacy chalking.

CLP x BHH was a Fractured Atlas fiscal sponsored project with in kind book donations from Brooklyn Book Bodega and arts as advocacy sponsorship and volunteers from Target: local Brooklyn stores.