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CLP x Prospect Park Alliance (PPA) Preview

CLP x PPA Preview was the first CLP event in 2022. Like CLP x BHH, this event was structured in a multifaceted approach for walk-up and pre registered participants at the Prospect Park Audubon Center and boathouse.

On the ground floor, CLP x PPA Preview participants engaged in arts as advocacy creative expression projects: CLP paint canvas’, advocacy chalking, and freestyling with available materials!

On the second floor, the CLP x PPA Preview presentation engaged participants with the rich local multicultural heritage centering BIPOC narratives at the park and throughout NYC- starting at the Lefferts Historic House through to the most recent social justice initiative onsite- Juneteenth Way. This interactive presentation experience included trivia prizes and a multicultural monument suggestion board for participants to share what types of arts and culture they would like to see reflected in the city.

This event was in partnership with the Prospect Park Alliance- and precursor to the ReImagine Lefferts initiative inspired by the Fireside chat hosted in Fall 2021.