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Pinkster 2023 x Dyckman

Pinkster 2023 x Dyckman signage

During the ASNEAA “All Eyez On Me” Year, Pinkster 2023 x Dyckman was the first CLP event of the year. The Pinkster holiday tradition was introduced at the CLP x DFM event last year– as highlighted in the signage at the legacy bracelets arts as advocacy station:

For 2023, ASNEAA + Dyckman Farmhouse Museum updated the CLP event structure with the following multicultural heritage exploration:

  • Self-Guided Dyckman House Tours
  • BIPOC Global Mapping and Narrative Collection

The updated event structure for Pinkster 2023 x Dyckman invited CLP participants to unpack the nuance of historical social justice advocacy and promote cultural literacy with BIPOC heritage trivia + book prizes (courtesy of Brooklyn Book Bodega):

Of course, there were arts as advocacy creative expression project stations again this year for CLP participants to showcase their social justice and human rights advocacy:

  • BIPOC Heritage Board
  • Legacy Bracelets
  • Advocacy Painting + Chalking